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Helping Community Nonprofits Build New Programs And Revenue Streams

With the goal of closing the funding gap for women and minority entrepreneurs, OmniWorks provides turnkey business development programs for community nonprofits looking to build their capacity, broaden community programs, and develop new revenue streams. In short, partner nonprofits can significantly increase their impact in the communities they serve while strengthening their own operation.

The OmniWorks platform delivers state-of-the-art business education, one-on-one incubation, greater access to capital, and a network of relevant mentors for small and growth-phase businesses that will help level the playing field for business success and financial well-being in underserved communities.

Whether your organization wants to deploy an internal incubator or add an incubator to the services you deliver to the community, OmniWorks will partner with you to source and secure appropriate funding sources.



OmniWorks partners with nonprofit community organizations to provide a turnkey solution for developing an incubator program. The organizations can position this as a new opportunity to serve their stated mission. OmniWorks assists these organizations with soliciting grants to defray operating costs with the goal of enabling the organization to expand its services at no cost. OmniWorks can aggregate several community organizations under one program to achieve greater impact and efficiencies.



• Administer program
• Recruit and select companies
• Provide access to capital, management
capacity building & markets
• Support for fundraising
• Corporate sponsorship

Business Brainstorm
Business Handshake


• Define program goals
• Secure and manage private/ public grants
• Community outreach & engagement programs
• Provide work space

We are currently looking for Los Angeles-based organizations that support entrepreneurship in their communities and are looking for funding and partnership opportunities.

Contact us to learn how your organization can qualify for a partnership with OmniWorks.