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Activate Your Organization's
Biggest Asset, Your Community

Is your organization looking for new ways to support small business owners and entrepreneurs?


We know the challenges you face in developing programs that assist business owners to achieve sustainability, growth, and success. Between recruiting participants, managing programs, and delivering valuable networking events, your time and resources can quickly max out. And let's not forget about fundraising and expanding your organization's capacity.


That's where we come in. With our extensive experience supporting BIPOC and women entrerpeneurs, we understand your needs firsthand. Introducing Gather, our community engagement solution designed to help you increase your value to members, program participants, and alumni more effectively than ever before.

Gather is a turnkey solution that attracts new members and
and is customized to the specific needs of your community


New program for current and perspective members


Custom acquisition marketing plan


Program integration and ongoing management

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Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple communication channels. Our tailored online platform consolidates all your community's needs into one user-friendly hub. Members can access updated opportunities for grants, listings of events, and direct messaging with other members—all in one convenient location. This comprehensive resource saves time and effort, making it easier for members to connect, share resources, and engage in meaningful discussions.

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We provide you with a comprehensive toolkit filled with proven strategies to boost member participation. From interactive polls and surveys to targeted content suggestions, our platform encourages members to provide valuable feedback, share information about opportunities, and provide encouragement to one another. This fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.

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Unlock the power of entrepreneur peers by facilitating focused and collaborative mastermind sessions. Our expert team will guide you through the process, ensuring that each group is carefully curated and structured to maximize knowledge sharing, connections, and support. Members can leverage these groups to exchange insights, explore new ideas, and receive valuable advice from their peers.

We're ready to help


Ready to take your community engagement to the next level? Let Gather be your partner in success. Join us today and empower your organization to make an even greater impact on the small business landscape.

Click here to schedule a demo or get in touch with our team for a personalized consultation.


Together, we can unlock the full potential of your community and help small business owners thrive.

How Gather supports you

  • Enhance the value provided to members through increased engagement opportunities.
  • Extend your program by offering ongoing support after training sessions.
  • Add programs quickly without increasing overhead
  • Connect your members to other entrepreneurs in the Gather network.
  • Customized plans to meet your needs. DIY for small communities and turnkey service for larger organizations.
  • Develop earned income for your organization

What Community Members are saying

"We are so grateful to have this wonderful group in support of our reset."
"I love seeing the emails with ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to help grow a business."
"This is the best platform I've used to connect with other businesses. It's organized and I love the search feature."
"Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be amongst such an elite group of individuals! Looking forward to networking and gaining more insight to entrepreneurship and team building." 
"The platform has allowed me to bounce ideas, meet with other business owners with similar needs and challenges."
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