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Pamela Jacobson

Pamela Jacobson

Los Angeles


Social Innovator, Nonprofit Professional, Program specialist

I can help with:


Organizational & Program Design and evaluation

Team building

Leadership development

Fee Structure

Free initial consultation followed by fee based on scope of work



Program design



Are you or your organization looking to translate an innovative idea into reality? Do you want to develop or transform a team into one that truly understands the needs of the people you serve, communicates productively and adjusts effectively to an ever-changing environment?

I am an out-of-the box thinker known for keen insights, team building and innovation.

For more than 25 years, I have expertly pioneered programs which empower individuals to advance their education, develop communication skills and harness their own potential to achieve their goals. I have led organizations, teams and visionary leaders through business transformation, impacting technology, operations and service. I have demonstrated success designing change solutions, planning change execution, leading cross-functional teams to facilitate change, and distilling operational efficiencies across highly regulated and fast paced organizations. And that’s just my day job!

As a volunteer, serving in program evaluation, collaboration and grant making capacities, I have played a key role in cultivating people-centered innovative solutions to complex problems impacting access to water, food, electricity and livelihood in countries affected by conflict, mass atrocity and extreme poverty.

Message me. Let’s talk.

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