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Our Mission

OmniWorks is driven by a clear mission: to foster an economy characterized by equality and opportunity. We achieve this by supporting entrepreneurs through the creation of groundbreaking platforms that optimize economic growth and vitality. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to achieve widespread adoption, collaborating closely with community organizations, government economic development agencies, and investors to effect lasting, positive change.


By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration, we work to level the playing field and provide opportunities for all. We understand the importance of inclusive economic development, where every member of the community has a chance to thrive. Our initiatives and partnerships are designed to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, supports entrepreneurs, and attracts investments that contribute to long-term growth and shared prosperity.


With a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainable practices, we bring together diverse stakeholders to unlock the potential of local economies. By aligning the interests of community organizations, government economic development agencies, and investors, we create a powerful network that drives positive change.

Discover how you can be part of our transformative journey. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and join the movement towards a more equitable economy.



Joni Topper


Prior to joining OmniWorks™, Joni led the formation of JPMorgan’s Higher Education, Healthcare, Not-for-Profit and Government commercial banking practice in the Western states.


Brent Imai


Prior to founding OmniWorks™ in 2016, Brent served as the Head of Content Development at AT&T, where he oversaw the creation of new content and investment analysis for TV, online and mobile platforms

Our Story

In 2017, four founders from diverse backgrounds came together with a vision -- to improve the services provided to small business owners in underserved communities. The original vision was:


"OmniWorks’ purpose is to address the needs of underserved entrepreneurs in economically challenged communities through democratizing access to capital, markets, and financial and business education in support of startups and growth-stage companies, to create and sustain quality jobs, and to encourage wealth generation among women, people of color, veterans, and the LGBT community."

While we have gone through several iterations in response to participant feedback, changing economic realities, and a pandemic, the vision continues.  The barriers and inequities that inspired our work persist, and if anything, have become more acute.  We remain committed to changing how wealth is created and who benefits. 

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