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Join our inclusive community of dynamic entrepreneurs and make a valuable investment in your most crucial business asset, YOU. 

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Build Relationships
Gain Knowledge

Business Growth ACCELERATED

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For the past 6 years OmniWorks has worked with over 1000 diverse small business owners. Our mission is to help women and BIPOC entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create wealth.

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OmniWorks COLAB is much more than another business network. It's about changing how you do business and the impact on your life.

As the founder of your company, you are its biggest asset. To grow your business, you need the knowledge and relationships to reach full potential. We invite you to join our curated membership community and invest in your success, in business and life.

Don't navigate the journey alone - let's grow together!
Belong Here

Become a Member

Sharing knowledge and building valuable relationships is central to our community with the goal of optimizing our collective success.

  • Members benefit from obtaining the information they need from other entrepreneurs and experts. 

  • Exclusive monthly events built around shared interests create new connections between community members.

  • Member only online platform cultivates sharing information and facilitates member interactions.

  • Monthly mastermind sessions bring together a small group of founders that become trusted advisors.

Join our curated member community that prioritizes meaningful connections and growth. Connect, collaborate, and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs. Benefit from introductions, special events, funding opportunities, guidance, accountability, industry insights, and partnership opportunities. Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and grow with us. Sign up now!

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Investment: $495/year
(apply now to receive the introductory price) 
Our goal is for every member to obtain at least a 100X return on their annual membership investment. You might achieve that result by increasing revenue, developing a new partnership, building a new product, or obtaining funding.  Those putting in the most effort are often the ones who get the most out of the community. 
100X return on investment. Less than the cost of your daily coffee.

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