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We believe that the true value of our community lies in the interactions and relationships fostered among our members. Guided by a dedicated community manager, we have designed every aspect of our platform to encourage member interaction and relationship building.
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Welcome to OmniWorks COLAB entrepreneur community, where meaningful connections and relationship building take center stage. We provide a vibrant space for members to interact, collaborate, and grow together.


Through our platform, members can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, fostering valuable

relationships and collaborations. Our community manager plays a pivotal role in facilitating introductions, ensuring you connect with others at similar stages in their business journey or within your industry.


We go beyond online interactions by organizing engaging in-person and virtual events, creating opportunities to forge deeper connections. From networking sessions to panel discussions, our events bring the community together and cultivate lasting relationships.


We understand the importance of access to relevant resources and information. We regularly share grant opportunities and offer specialized sub-groups for industry-specific discussions and knowledge exchange.


As a member, you'll benefit from guidance, and skill development workshops led by experienced industry experts. You'll also have access to investor connections, exclusive discounts on essential business services, and thought leadership opportunities to elevate your personal brand.


Our community thrives on peer feedback, support, and accountability, ensuring you receive constructive insights to refine your ideas and overcome challenges. We provide access to industry insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of trends.


Additionally, our community encourages partnerships and collaboration, connecting you with potential collaborators, joint venture opportunities, and strategic alliances.

Join us today to unlock your full entrepreneurial potential. Together, let's thrive, build meaningful relationships, and achieve success.

  • Free Access: We welcome you to check in with free view-only access to OmniWorks posts + events, and to shop from our online Community Marketplace. 

  • Member Only Access: Full access, including member posts, member profiles, and the ability to post and comment is only available to community-minded entrepreneurs who complete our application and interview process.  This vetting and expectation setting process ensures that our community is a constructive space for entrepreneurs to share challenges, wins, and seek feedback. 


We hope you’ll join us!  Together, we can go farther!

Investment: $495/year 
(apply now to receive the introductory price) 

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We would love to hear from you, please get in touch.

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