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Floor Plan

An Innovative Community for Primes to Identify & Connect with XBE  Subcontractors

Nationwide construction spending by federal and local agencies is projected into the billions of dollars in the coming years. This includes roads, public transport, and other major infrastructure projects.

Due to the use of public funds, many of these projects require Primes to subcontract as much as 30% of spending with certified SBEs & DBEs.

TradesNetwork is designed to streamline and facilitate how Primes and subcontractors connect and collaborate.


TradesNetwork is the only dedicated online platform for Primes and SBE/DBE subcontractors to connect and pursue contract opportunities.

A community-based platform:

Clearinghouse of contacts, contract opportunities, and subcontractor profiles.
Easily accessible and organized subcontractor information for search by Primes.
Turns solo activity of being an entrepreneur into a collaborative.
Enhances the information available to SBE and DBE owners participants.
Activates opportunities for collaboration between participants.
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How TradesNetwork provides a

solution for Primes

  • Industry need to continuously identify and meet subcontractors increasing the pool of potential suppliers.

  • A more effective and efficient system to research and recruit SBE partners for projects and bids from a constantly updated vendor database.

  • A turn-key, industry-wide initiative to foster the growth of SBE/MBE underutilized businesses.

  • Provides a hub for helping SBEs grow their capacity to handle larger and more complex projects.

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How TradesNetwork provides a solution for Subcontractors 

  • Subcontractors create and manage their company’s profile, contact information, certifications, etc.

  • Opportunity for subs to stand-out by showcasing $ value of past projects, share positive references, bonding levels.

  • One-stop location for subs to research bid opportunities and connect with Primes, maximizing efficiency for small business operators. 

  • Opportunities for identifying potential bid partners as well as peer-to-peer educational opportunities including “How To” webinars including topics such as financing, bonding, certification, how to bid on contracts, etc.

TradesNetwork website will feature:

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For Primes 
For Subcontractors
Education Hub
  • Prime contact information

  • Post current solicitations and construction trades

  • Information and guidance for subcontractors to become pre-qualified for projects

  • Post upcoming in-person networking events and webinars

  • Post subcontracting opportunities by metro area

  • Access to searchable database of subcontractors by specialization, revenues, certification, or metro area

  • Create company profile with information sought by Primes: year established, revenues, area of specialization, bonding limits, recent projects and budgets, recommendations

  • One central hub for searching for bid and contract opportunities

  • Webinars led by subject matter experts

  • Peer-to-peer information sharing, best practices, etc.

  • Monitored and curated by Content Managers

Sponsorship Components:
Sponsorship of TradeNetwork by construction industry prime contractors reflects their commitment to developing more diverse roster of subcontractors. 

Underwriting sponsorship includes: 
  • Company profile and contact information

  • Advertisement of current projects and opportunities

  • Access to searchable subcontractor database

  • Opportunity to publicize and host events and webinars

  • Local or multi-city presence

  • Annual underwriting $TBD

Meet the Leadership

Community Engagement Architect

Brent Imai

Passionate about supporting and nurturing early-stage companies. Focus on product strategy, content creation, business model definition, negotiation of strategic partnership agreements, and investment.


Marketing & Outreach

Carlos Cordoba

Certified SBE/DBE small business owner with 20+ years of experience developing and implementing marketing

strategies for public agencies and private organizations with expertise in B2B marketing and outreach initiatives.

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Let's Work Together

For information about how TradesNetwork can support your organization, 

Click here to schedule a demo or get in touch with our team for a personalized consultation.

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